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HALDIMANN – H1 Flying Central Tourbillon

HALDIMANNH1 Flying Central Tourbillon

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Watchmaking is a tradition that goes back centuries for the Haldimann family, to 1642 precisely. A mechanical wizard and the inventor of the flying central tourbillon, Beat Haldimann is surely the pride of his ancestors.

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This child of the Bernese Oberland believes watches are first and foremost pieces of art. Moreover, time is nothing more than a pretext for his concept of watchmaking.

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It should come as no surprise, therefore, that production never exceeds a handful of pieces a year.

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The H1 Flying Central Tourbillon is one of these rare works. Fitted with three barrels, it has been entirely designed, developed and produced in the Haldimann workshops in Thun.

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The platinum or gold case is also crafted in-house and hand-finished.

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This watch's classic aesthetic, together with its mechanical sobriety, unequivocally convey the brand's artistic vocation.

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Were there a competition for the most beautiful flying central tourbillon, few if any could challenge the H1.

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 Familientradition seit 1642

We aim to explore the limits of what the human hand is capable of achieving. It is only as a manufacturer in the truest sense of the word that we can pursue this aim, with machines and instruments that we operate with our hands. Computerised machines would make it impossible to reach this goal. The warmth of the watchmaker's hand blends with his delicate movements to achieve his impressive performance. From the raw material up until the first sound of the melody. This essence is later attached to the wrist of the future owner. From there it enters his perception and is transferred to him.

Our values

Our oeuvres are the result of a unique make and workmanship involved in the creation process. Their perfection and individuality can be attributed to our values. These values originate in our tradition to which we adhere. A family tradition of innovation since 1642. It was father and son, Ulrich and Hans Haldimann, who established this tradition.

Since 1642 Haldimann has been producing exclusively mechanical movements and watches in Switzerland to be delivered to their proud owners all over the world. A Haldimann philosophy and mentality has been cultivated over the centuries, in unison with the formation of Switzerland. Within this philosophy we distinguish twelve aspects that we have been cultivating in particular. These aspects are represented in our brand logo with its twelve phases of the moon.


When I close my eyes I can still see him in front of me: the master watchmaker who was my instructor. His loupe, hands, and lab coat remain vivid memories for me today. I spent my apprenticeship years in his wonderful workshop as a clock and watch repairer, learning how to restore new and old masterpieces.

Among this magnificent blend of art and technology, combining craftsmanship and intellect, I soon developed the ambition to create such masterpieces myself.

Design, manufacture, and production are all executed in our own workshop, which enables us to combine art, technology and quality at the highest level.

Haldimann clocks and watches are all individual and unique pieces. We can therefore consider all your ideas and suggestions when creating your very own timepiece.

The Haldimann family tradition reaches back to 1642. The original Haldimann creations of this era continue to give pleasure to customers all over the world. We look forward to welcoming you personally and answering any queries at our workshop or at Baselworld.


Family tradition

Haldimann is the oldest watch manufacturer of Switzerland led and owned by the name-giving family. Haldimann Horology pursuits longterm ideals. Their independence and autonomy serve as key prerequisites. Unhindered creativity as well as the highest quality standards and complete in-house production have been the characteristics of each Haldimann watch and movement over centuries.
Heinrich Haldemann, member of the council of Winterthur
Recorded in the register of Winterthur from 1374.
Progenitor of Haldimann and Haldimand lines
Son Hänsli Haldemann, Horbengut Farm, Eggiwil (Bern) in the Emmental Valley
1424     First recorded entry in the “Tell Book” of the city of Bern
1444     Citizenship of the city of Bern
Purchase agreement
Ulrich and Hans Haldimann, father and son, in Horben
Hans Haldimann watchmaker in Horben
Heinrich Haldemann, Hänsli Haldemann
Ulrich Haldimann, Hans Haldimann his brother, the progenitor of the Le Locle line
Niklaus Haldimann
Hans Haldimann zur Schwendimatt
Progenitor of the Bowil line
1765     Ulrich Haldimann
1806     Peter Haldimann
1837     Johannes Haldimann
1878     Christian Haldimann
1902     Christen Haldimann
1937     Werner Haldimann, father
1964     Beat Haldimann
1989     Natalie Xenia Haldimann, daughter
1998     Niklaus Anton Haldimann, son
Iris Olga Haldimann, daughter
Genealogical research
Hans Haldemann, Dr. phil. from Boll, Switzerland


Model: H1 Flying Central Tourbillon
  • 950 Platinum
 - White Gold
 - Yellow Gold
 - Pink Gold

Mechanical hand-wound, H-Zen.A calibre,
18,000 vib/h, flying central tourbillon, three barrels.
Hours, minutes, 60-second tourbillon.
18K yellow, pink or white gold, or 950 platinum.
Anti-reflective sapphire crystal front and back.
Water-resistant to 30 metres (3 bar/100 ft).
Black or rhodium-plated, Roman numerals, central tourbillon.
Hand-stitched alligator, folding clasp or buckle in 18K gold or 950 platinum.

Retail price (2014):
171,800 Swiss francs in gold and 180,800 Swiss francs in platinum.
(Recent pre-owned and auction sale prices fall between $68,500 and $85,000.)
Beat Haldimann
Villa Nussbühl
Riedstrasse 2
CH-3600 Thun
Phone: +41 33 223 30 82
Fax: +41 33 223 40 29

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