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HUBLOT – MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis Limited Edition

HUBLOTMP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis Limited Edition

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Hublot’s watchmaking expertise and creativity
know no
Hublot MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis

The 1 st Hublot multi-axis tourbillon designed for unique visibility
All-new case and movement made at the manufacture

With its new Manufacture Piece (MP), Hublot is pushing back the boundaries in terms of
multi-axis tourbillons. The MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis is thus the result of a powerful idea: to
provide a maximum of visibility on the tourbillon—and its fascinating double rotation—by
designing a fine watchmaking movement devoted to this objective, and then creating an
original case that highlights the 100% manufacture calibre. Here, the function defines the
form. This perfectly reflects the prevailing philosophy in the design of all of Hublot’s “MPs”,
namely to develop an exclusive movement dedicated to a function and to design specific
external parts to highlight this motor.

With our Manufacture Pieces, we are taking the expression of
our watchmaking savoir-faire very far and making the most of it
to give each watch a specific aesthetic,

Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot.

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The MP-09 corresponds in every way to this concept. Let’s remember that this capacity to
design and produce an interdependent movement and case is the signature of a truly
integrated manufacture.

The Hublot MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis watch beats to the rhythm of the fine watchmaking
calibre HUB9009.H1.RA, a mechanical movement with self-winding featuring a 5-day power
reserve. It also features a bi-axial tourbillon that undertakes a complete rotation per minute
for the first axis and a rotation every 30 seconds for the second. This means that the
dynamic movement — immediately perceptible — of this double tourbillon frame has an
appearance that is as fascinating as it is fun.

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In order to offer the greatest possible visibility to the watch’s beating heart, the watchmakers
at the Hublot manufacture have created an all-new MP-09 design for the movement and for
the case. Thanks to its position at 6 o’clock and a large opening that covers a very complex
3-sided sapphire glass, the gaze of the wearer will literally plunge onto the frantic travel of
this bi-axial tourbillon, which overcomes the effects of gravity in a much more subtle manner
than an ordinary tourbillon.

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Besides this technical specific feature, the MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis also stands out because
of its innovative date corrector, which is as ingenious as it is practical. Via a simple winding
movement of the lever up or down, the date moves respectively forward or back by a day.
The construction of the dial over several levels—alternating black, white and red—also
enhances the elegant character of the MP-09. Around the hours and minutes display, the
date indication—instantaneous—is arranged in tiers in two half-circles on two distinct levels,
while the 5-day power reserve is displayed in a gauge at 9 o’clock.

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Incorporating many codes from Hublot’s DNA, the 49-mm diameter case, water resistant to
30 metres, comes in two distinct versions: in titanium or in King Gold (bezel / upper and
lower plates / back). Like all exceptional watches combining cutting edge technology and
complex construction, the Hublot MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis model is subject to production
that is, by definition, limited. The MP-09 in titanium will be a limited edition of 50, whereas the
version in King Gold is limited to 20.

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In unveiling its MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis, Hublot once again demonstrates its capacity to
design clearly unique and distinctive watches. Watches that clearly bear Hublot’s signature
with a strong character that demonstrate an absolute mastery in all areas of fine

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Technical details



909.NX.1120.RX (Titanium) – Limited to 50 pieces 
909.NX.1120.RX.1704.SD-HR (Titanium/Brilliant-cut Diamonds) – Limited to 50 pieces
909.OX.1120.RX (King Gold) – Limited to 20 pieces

Satin-finished and polished Titanium (Titanium)
Satin-finished and polished King Gold (King Gold)
Diameter: 49mm
Thickness: 17.95mm
Bezel: Satin-finished and polished Titanium (Titanium);
           Satin-finished and polished King Gold (King Gold)
Bezel lug: Black composite resin, engraved at 9 o'clock and filled with red lacquer
Case-band: Microblasted black PVD Titanium
Screws: « H » Polished and Microblasted Titanium
Glass: Sapphire with anti-reflective treatment (2 sides)
Crown: Black rubber and satin-finished/microblasted Titanium or King Gold
Pusher 9hr: Satin-finished and polished Titanium or King Gold, Engraved “Date” and filled with black lacquer
Case back: Microblasted Titanium, Engraved "Limited Edition 50NUM" and filled with black lacquer (Titanium);
Microblasted King Gold, Engraved "Limited Edition 20NUM" and filled with black lacquer (King Gold); Sapphire with interior anti-reflective treatment
Water Resistant: 3 ATM (30m)
Multi-layered Black and Red dial, with white and red decals, and Rhodium plated counter (Titanium)
Multi-layered Black and Red dial, with white and red decals, and Gold 5N plated counter (King Gold)
Hands: Mat black hands with white SuperLuminova®
Caliber Hublot HUB9009.H1.RA
Manufacture Self-winding Tourbillon Bi-Axis Skeleton Movement
Bridges: Anthracite grey-coated
Balance: Rhodium plated, polished
Number of components: 356 (43 rubies)
Frequency: 3 Hz (21'600 A/h)
Power reserve: Approx. 120 Hours
Black Structured Lined Rubber Strap
Titanium (Titanium) or King Gold and Black-plated (King Gold) deployant buckle clasp

HUBLOT SA – Switzerland
T +41 (0)22 990 90 00
F +41(0)22 990 90 29
International Press Contact: 
Annabelle Galleya.galley@hublot.ch
www.facebook.com - Hublot

F.P.Journe – OCTA Automatique Havana Dial

F.P.JourneOCTA Automatique Havana Dial


Available exclusively for the Octa Automatique Réserve and 
the Octa Automatique Lune

F.P.Journe has created a warm-brown colored dial that perfectly matches the 40mm Platinum cases and the caramel alligator straps of the Octa Automatique Réserve and the Octa Automatique Lune.

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The Havana color is unique to F.P.Journe, a result of the company’s well-tended independence, which ensures its creative freedom. It was developed by Journe’s own dial-makers, Les Cadraniers de Genève, in a process lasting several months. In essence, it is a combination of Gold and Ruthenium, but to get the color just right required many adjustments to the formula.

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The two models represent a watchmaking ideal blending comfort, innovation and reliability. The one-meter long mainspring and extremely fast automatic winding give these watches autonomy of more than five days and make them very comfortable to wear.

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A specific wheel train allows precise moon phase indications for the Octa Automatique Lune. Adjusting the indications is done via the crown, which makes it very easy to use.

They are also available on a Platinum bracelet.

The unidirectional winding of the exclusive off-centre F.P. Journe rotor in 22K red Gold is achieved by a self-locking ball bearing system. Thus each movement, no matter how slight, is utilised for the optimal winding of the watch.

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Watches with long power reserves have hitherto been handicapped by small balances which are susceptible to shocks and disturbances. The Octa's compact construction allows a large (10.1 mm) balance to be fitted, giving greater inertia and stability. The free-sprung chronometer balance is adjusted by five turning weights that vibrate at a steady 21'600 times an hour.

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Fully wound, the Octa delivers chronometric precision for 120 hours. The meter-long mainspring supplies an average 850gr of torque, limiting the loss in balance amplitude to 25% over the five-day period. Beyond that time, the watch will continue to go for another day or two, but the amplitude-loss no longer guarantees precision timekeeping.

These watches are also available on a platinum bracelet and exclusively in the F.P.Journe Boutiques.

Technical Specifications

Collection - OCTA Havana Dial

Octa Automatique Réserve
Octa Automatique Lune

    Automatic Calibre FPJ 1300-3 in 18K rose gold (4N)
    Unidirectional automatic winding
    Off-centre 22K gold guilloché winding rotor
    Correction of 24h time zones in position 2, clockwise
    Correction of date in position 2, anti clockwise and Correction of time in position 3
    Instant jump calendar
    Rotation of the earth by secured correction pusher at 4h
    Overall dimensions : 30.80 mm
    Casing-up diameter : 30.40 mm
    Overall Height : 5.85 mm
    Height of winding stem : 3.00 mm
    Diameter of stem thread : S0.90mm
    Circular Côtes de Genève on 18K gold bridges
    Circular graining on 18K gold baseplate Polished screw heads with chamfered slots
    Chamfered and circular grained wheels, diamond-moulded
    Pegs with polished rounded ends
Escapement 15 tooth
    Four adjustable inertia weights
    Anachron free-sprung flat balance spring
    Mobile stud holder
    Nivatronic laser soldered balance spring
    Pinned GE stud
Frequency:  21'600 Alt/h, 3 Hz
Inertia:   10.10 mg/cm2
Angle of lift: 52°
    0 h dial up: > 300°
    24 h dial up: > 280°
Autonomy: 120+/- 12hours
Winding Speed:  274 anti clock-wise rotations per 24 hours
Circular Côtes de Genève on bridges
Partly circular graining on baseplate
Polished screw heads with chamfered slots
Pegs with polished rounded ends 
Case :
Platinum PT 950
Diameter: 40 mm or 42 mm.
Total height: 10.07 mm
Dial :
Color: Havana Dial
Materials: combination of Gold and Ruthenium
Arabic numerals in Superluminova
Superluminova hands
Date at  11h 30  o'clock.
  • Octa Automatique Réserve
 Off centre hours and minutes / off centre timezones / Small second at 4h30 /
Winter summer hour / large date / power reserve at 9h
  • Octa Automatique Lune 
Off centre hours and minutes / off centre timezones / Small second at 4h30 /
Earth dial divided in timezones at 7h30 / winter summer hour / large date / power reserve at 9h
Number of parts:
Movement without dial 286
Cased up on leather strap: 312
Jewels 37
Rubber 72
Caramel Alligator straps
Available on a Platinum bracelet.

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