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URWERK – UR-210 “Amadeus”

URWERKUR-210Amadeus” Titanium and Steel

A flamboyant anachronism

Geneva – March 2017

For its 20th anniversary, URWERK embarks on a retro-futuristic experiment. Far from being an exercise in nostalgia, the new watch makes the sort of contrary and provocative statement one has come to expect from a watchmaker that disdains the ordinary. The experiment centres on one of URWERK’s flagship models, a UR-210. Flung into a temporal particle accelerator, this futuristic watch collides with the past to emerge transfigured as a flamboyant anachronism.

An 18th-century wall clock in the pure baroque style has pride of place in the workshops. It was one of the first collector’s pieces my father gave me — an imposing, massive work of art with elaborate gilding. For me its attraction lies in its extravagance, because extremes appeal to me, declares watchmaker Felix Baumgartner, URWERK’s  co-founder.

The memories of these first horological infatuations are certainly what inspired the new UR-210  AmadeusAmadeus referring of course to the Great Wolfgang. “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was certainly a pioneer of the Punk subculturesays Felix Baumgartner. “One should read his biography. He was a rebel and URWERK for sure share the spirit.

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For this retro-futuristic move, the UR-210 was transformed by the expert hands of the talented craftsman, Florian Güllert. Baroque is an apt description of this new creation. “The decoration is very post-Renaissance 17th-century, but on a determinedly contemporary structure,” comments Florian. “The swirling pattern of acanthus leaves is most suitable for this style, contrasting with the angular look of the watch. We have merged the case, the crown protection and the bracelet into one unit to create an exceptional piece. I was given the entire watch to work on and I took it over to produce a design in steel.

This painstaking work took more than 260 hours to complete. Ensuring the continuity of the design was the main objective and the greatest difficulty for the engraver. “It’s a work of many aspects. The themes must interconnect and complement one another without being superfluous. This is certainly one of the creations of which I am most proud,” concludes Florian.

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For Martin Frei, this collision between the future and the past underlines his vision of a fluid frontier between time and space. “At URWERK, we have evolved a strikingly contemporary notion of indicating the time, yet it is based on a 17th-century concept. I see this as a continuum rather than a contradiction, in a timeless and universal dimension of ideas and thoughts. Since our beginnings, I have always questioned the idea of delineated periods of time. Where some people might see limits and rigid classifications, I see intangible bridges and links in an infinite flow.

The UR-210’s satellite complication with retrograde minute is both highly original and totally explosive. The principal feature is a high-tech, oversized, three-dimensional retrograde minute hand. Its function is to enclose the hour satellite and indicate the time as it transverses the 0-to-60-minute scale.

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This one-hour journey through time, tracing an arc of 120°, is smooth and fluid. But the true nature of the piece is revealed at the end of the 59th minute. Then a sharp distinct “click” signals the return of the minute hand to its starting point. In less than 0.1 of a second the hand flies back to dock with the next hour satellite. This high-speed retrograde system is based on three key elements:

  • A central axis set in ruby bearings provides excellent stability for the satellite/retrograde complication. A cylindrical marine chronometer type spring runs vertically around the axis and generates the optimal tension required for the retrograde minutes flyback.
  • A minute hand, which also forms a frame for the hour satellites, displays the time in an extraordinary way. Milled from aluminum to exacting tolerances of approximately 3 microns, the whole structure has a total weight of just 0.302g and is counter balanced by a brass weight. This three-dimensional cage offers rigidity as it transfers energy from the cylindrical flyback spring in the top center of the carrousel to the double-star gear underneath.
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  • A double coaxial star-shaped cam regulates the retrograde mechanism through its gearing and its rotation defines the trajectory of the minute hand. When the minute hand reaches 60, the double star trips a (one of three) hockey stick shaped spring under the mechanism, which liberates the minute to fly back to the next hour satellite at 0-minutes.

The dial of the UR-210S features a traditional power reserve indication at one o’clock. In a near mirror image at 11 o’clock we find a similar indication. No, it isn’t a duplicate fail-safe, but something much more important which deserves our full attention, because it is actually a world-first complication that indicates winding efficiency over the last two hours.

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The rotor will then convert the slightest movement into stored energy. In this configuration, a turbine connected to the rotor provides smooth, unimpeded power. But if you are more active, then that may provide more power than required and unnecessarily wear the mechanism. In that case, you would position the winding efficiency selector to “REDUCED” to engage the rotor damping system. An air turbine compressor mounted on ruby bearings spins and creates internal resistance – enough friction to slow down or dampen the automatic winding rotor. In “STOP” mode, the automatic winding system is disabled completely and the UR-210 runs off reserve power and may require manual winding.

Has your recent activity been enough to replenish your UR-210’s energy levels? If yes, the winding efficiency indicator will point emphatically to the green zone. If not, you have been using more energy than you are generating, and the winding efficiency indicator will point to the red zone.

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Armed with knowledge of both winding efficiency and available power reserve, you are then able to intervene. If your UR-210 indicates an insufficient supply of energy, you can position the winding efficiency selector at the back of the watch to “FULL”.

Technical Specifications

Model: UR-210 Amadeus”   

Material:    Titanium and steel
Dimensions:    Width 43.8mm, length 53.6mm, thickness 17.8mm
Glasses:    Sapphire crystal
Water resistance:    30m/100’/3ATM
Surface finishes:    Satin finish; bead-blasted
Strap:    Metal bracelet with deployment clasp developed by Maspoli for URWERK
Caliber:  UR-7.10
Jewels:    51
Escapement:    Swiss lever
Balance    Monometallic
Frequency:    28,800v/h, 4Hz
Balance spring:    Flat
Power source:    Single mainspring barrel
Power reserve:    39 hours
Winding system:    Self-winding coupled to turbines
Plate in ARCAP P40 rhodium coated; 3D minute hand in aluminum with brass counterweight; central cylindrical spiral in spring-steel; hour satellites in aluminum; central carrousel and screws in Titanium Grade 5
Surface finishes:
Circular graining, sandblasted, circular and straight satin-finished plate; satin-finished and diamond-polished satellites; beveled and polished screw heads

Patented revolving satellite complication with wandering hour and three-dimensional retrograde minute hand; power reserve indicator; patented winding efficiency indicator
Super-LumiNova treatment on markers, dials, indexes, hands, and satellites

Two-position winding crown with crown protector
On the back: winding efficiency selector

Press Release - 2017 
Media contact:
Ms Yacine Sar
Telephone: +41 22 900 2027
Mobile : +41 79 834 46 65
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JACOB & Co. – Opera by Jacob&Co.Tourbillon Edition

JACOB & Co.Opera by Jacob&Co. Tri-Axial Tourbillon Black DLC Titanium 47mm Edition


Baselworld 2017

World premiere combination of two traditional Swiss crafts is used in a timepiece: a mechanical music box basting 2 cylinders and combs and an exclusive Jacob & Co. JCFM02 manual-winding caliber.

Jacob & Co. once again demonstrates its irrepressible ability to surprise as it launches the new Opera Musical Watch. In this new collection, two cylinders and combs are mounted on the movement and rotate around the dial each time they play their melody, together with a triple-axis tourbillon and the subsidiary hour and minute dial.

Swiss Music Box Heritage

The making of music boxes had been, and still is, a traditional Swiss craft for hundreds of years. In the Opera, Jacob & Co. has combined this artisanal work with high watchmaking for the very first time incorporating two cylinders and combs resulting in 120 notes melody providing a never heard before sound in a musical watch.

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Using a sophisticated one-piece sapphire crystal that encircles the whole timepiece, the entire workings of the Opera are put on display for all to see and it also allows the movement to deliver the purest sound.

Unique complication

The two cylinders are driven by a central flywheel – a real challenge for the movement, due to the weight of the cylinders. A pusher located at 2 o’clock activates the rotation of the entire movement and simultaneously plays the 120 notes melody. Each note is played as the tiny pins on the cylinder make contact with the individual teeth of the comb. As the cylinders turn to play the melody, the entire assembly on which they are fixed, including the Triple Axis tourbillon and the hour and minute dial, rotates 120 degrees around the dial.

The tourbillon rotates around its inner cage once in 40 seconds, its intermediates cage rotates in 3 minutes and its outer cage rotates in 8 minutes.

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Finally, in order to display the time with 12 o’clock always in the 12 o’clock position, a patented differential gear system is used; both the dial and the hands have to turn counter-clockwise

The manually wound calibre JCFM02 has been developed specifically for this complication, using titanium components for excellent sound propagation. The movement, which comprises 650 components, fits into a diameter of just 43mm. A pusher based at 2 o’clock on the case middle triggers the melody and thus the rotation of the movement. Regardless of whether or not the melody is playing, the triple-axis tourbillon dances its incessant mechanical ballet.

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The Jacob & Co. Opera Musical Watch comes in two different versions, one 18-piece limited edition that is minimalist in its presentation with black and gold highend finishes, showing the mechanical workings. The other, unique piece version allows decorations on the cylinders. Indeed, the piece depicts a romantic gala night with an orchestra.


Collection: Grand complication

Model: Opera by Jacob&Co.

Ref.: OP100.21.AD.AA.A

Caliber: Exclusive Jacob & Co. manual-winding JCFM02
Diameter: 43mm;
Height: 17.2mm (maximum height at center of movement);
Material: Steel, brass, platinum and titanium
Components: 646;
Subsidiary hour and minute dial; Triple-axis gravitational tourbillon cage rotating about
  • Its own axis once in 40 seconds,
  • Its second axis every 3 minutes
  • Its third axis every 8 minute.
Music upon demand with musical melody activated by
pusher at 2 o’clock by means of two rotating cylinders.  
120° movement rotation in 20 seconds.
Power Reserve: 72-Hours;
Frequency: 21’600 vib/h (3 Hz);
Jewels: 52
System: Triple Axis Tourbillon with Carillon
Bridges and plates:
Black PVD finish; Barrels: Circular graining; Cylinders: rose gold plated; Pin-barrel

Material: Titanium Black PVD and Sapphire;
Diameter: 47mm;
Thickness: 20mm;
Case Back: Black PVD and Rose gold 18K;
Bows: Winding and Time-Setting via two Bows in the Case Back;
Crystal: Unique Domed Sapphire with Double Anti-Reflective Treatment;
Water resistance: 3 atm
Dial and hands 
Dial: Blued sapphire dial
Gold-plated sculpture an OCTOPUS
Hands: Hand-finished in rose gold
Rubber blue
Buckle: Sapphire crystal

Limited Edition: 18 Piece

For media inquiries please contact:
Jacob & Co. Corporate Office
Europe & Trade Press
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SINN – 6200 WG MEISTERBUND I White Gold Limited Edition

SINN6200 WG MEISTERBUND I White Gold Limited Edition

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The 55-piece limited-edition 
watch with hand-wound calibre

Sinn Spezialuhren & UWD & SUG = Meisterbund
Limited to 55 pieces
• Case made of 18-carat White gold, polished/satinised
• Fine, exquisitely decorated hand-wound calibre UWD 33.1
• Second stop function
• Flying spring barrel
Guilloché, anthracite electroplated dial
• Attached appliqués
• Sapphire crystal glass on both sides
• Pressure-resistant to 10 bar
• Low pressure resistant

Baselworld 2017

The wonderful, 55-piece limited-edition 6200 WG Meisterbund I seamlessly follows on from the hugely successful Rose Gold 6200 Meisterbund I – in many ways an extraordinary watch that set several milestones. These two masterpieces mark the celebration of the company’s 55th anniversary in 2016.

“Scorn not the Masters, I bid you, and honour their art!”

This is a passage taken from the final address of Hans Sachs in the well-known opera The Mastersingers of Nuremberg. Three “masters of their trade” have also come together for the 6200 WG Meisterbund I. For the “Meisterbundedition is the result of a collaboration between Uhren-Werke-Dresden (UWD), Sächsische Uhrentechnologie GmbH (SUG) from Glashütte and Sinn Spezialuhren.

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SUG is responsible for building and manufacturing the case made of 18-carat white gold, which proudly bears the “MEISTERBUND” engraving on the side – a distinguishing feature of our Meisterbund series.

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Sinn Spezialuhren shapes the “face” of the 6200 WG Meisterbund I, which is in keeping with our traditional masterpieces, thanks to a guilloché and anthracite electroplated dial, while being suitable for everyday use. The 6200 WG Meisterbund I is thus also pressureresistant up to 10 bar and resistant to low pressure. UWD is responsible for manufacturing the high-quality hand-wound calibre UWD 33.1, which proved hugely successful in the rose gold edition, where it was used for the first time in series production.

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The fact that the watch is built and produced in Germany and that all key watch components are made in Germany is what truly makes the “Meisterbundedition something special. We are proud of the fact that the “Made in Germany” seal of quality is held in particularly high regard amongst many watch experts. This confirms that we were right to focus on harnessing the innovative strength and expertise of German craftsmanship and engineering to create the “Meisterbundedition.

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High-quality hand-wound calibre UWD 33.1

UWD’s hand-wound calibre UWD 33.1 made of nickel silver with a spring barrel supported on one side, also referred as flying spring barrel, has a 55-hour power reserve. The movement can be adjusted by shifting the eccentric weights in the balance system. This also offsets the imbalance in the complete oscillating system of the watch.

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The regulator system, on the other hand, provides a convenient range of capabilities for further precision adjustment and beat setting. Also noteworthy is the fact that all parts of the movement have a high-quality finish. Plates and cocks are characterised by matte, diamond-planed edges.

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The regulator system of the hand-wound calibre UWD 33.1:
In accordance with the functional principle of a swan-neck regulator, this regulator system enables zero-play precision adjustment of the watch. The six eccentric weights on the balance wheel for precisely balancing the balance system are also clearly visible.

The centrepiece is the fine, exquisitely decorated hand-wound calibre UWD 33.1 made of nickel silver – a contemporary technical interpretation of a design and development evoking a traditional sense of quality. With a flying barrel supported on one side, it is a prime example of precision and functional robustness while also expressing watchmaking craftsmanship at its best.

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The reserve can be adjusted by shifting the eccentric weights in the balance system. This also offsets the imbalance in the complete oscillating system of the watch. The regulator system, on the other hand, provides a convenient means of precision adjustment and beat setting adjustment. Also noteworthy is the fact that all parts of the movement are exquisitely decorated. Plates and cocks are characterised by matte, diamond-planed edges.

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 The combination of matte and polished surfaces gives the movement an exquisite feel, while the diamond profiles underscore the high level of quality. The impression of a consistently designed watch is completed by the fact that the manufactured movement, made of nickel silver and with a diameter of 33 mm, so harmoniously fits into the white gold case which has a diameter of 40 mm.

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In terms of style and design, the 6200 WG Meisterbund I lives up to its name. It is thus a worthy successor, skilfully continuing our Meisterbund series in the spirit of traditional watchmaking craftsmanship.

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Technical details

Mechanical Movement
Manufaktur-hand-wound movement UWD 33.1
• Flying spring barrel
• Balance system with six eccentric weights
• Regulator system enables zero-play precision adjustment
• 19 bearing jewels
• 21,600 semi-oscillations per hour
• Second stop function for accurate time adjustment
• Anti-magnetic as per DIN 8309
• Case made of 18-carat White Gold, polished / satinized
• Sapphire crystal glass in front, anti-reflective on both sides
• Transparent case back made of sapphire crystal glass, anti-reflective on the interior
• Case back screw-fastened
• Meet the technical requirements for waterproofness, as set out in standard DIN 8310
• Pressure-resistant up to 10 bar
• Low pressure resistant
• Hours, minutes, subsidiary seconds
SINN Technologies
• Crown with D3-System
Dimensions and Weight
• Case diameter: 40 mm
• Band lug width: 20 mm
• Case thickness: 9.3 mm
Dial and Hands
• Guilloché, anthracite electroplated dial
• Attached appliqués
    2 years

Limited edition to 55 units

Im Füldchen 5–7 • 60489 Frankfurt am Main
• Tel. +49 (0)69 / 97 84 14-0
• Fax +49 (0)69 / 97 84 14-201
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EBERHARD & CO. – Chrono4 130th Anniversary Edition

EBERHARD & CO.Chrono4 130th Anniversary Limited Edition


130 chimes that mark the history of Eberhard & Co., but well over 130 snapshots that immortalise the values and creations which throughout the years since 1887 – when the company was founded by Georges-Lucien Eberhard in La Chaux-de-Fonds – have made up the DNA of the Swiss watchmakers whose name has become synonymous with tradition, constant research and innovation. 130 years of special passion for an art made up of charm and precision, 130 years of uninterrupted history of taking up new challenges, 130 years of watches with timeless personality. Eberhard & Co. has always made these values the sole benchmark for the creation of its models, which are innovative yet at the same time able to inherit the richness of a renowned history.

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The success of Eberhard & Co.’s creations spans the entire twentieth century, enabling it to file numerous patents which have consolidated its position among the aristocracy of luxury Swiss watchmaking. This innovative spirit has found expression in precious timepieces with high technical content which have marked important stages of development, particularly of the chronograph, among other timepieces.

The hours have become years and the years successes.

1894 saw the creation of a pocket watch with an innovative patented setting system. 1905 was the year for a special watch with a patented new system for reading the hours and minutes. 1919 saw the launch of the era’s most advanced single button wrist chronograph, while 1921 produced a watch with a special patented device - “Calotte Patrouille” – protecting the movement from dust and moisture. In 1935 the Maison unveiled an unprecedented chronograph with two buttons for stop and restart without resetting, then in 1939 the “rattrapante”, or split-seconds, chronograph made its appearance, followed by the Extra-fort chronograph in the early 1940s.

1942 was the year of the “Magini System”, a split-seconds chronograph that was one of the protagonists of the Italian-Japanese raid during World War II, flying from Rome to Tokyo and back. The ’50s were the setting for the Scafograf diving collection, whose 300 model was re-released in 2016 to great success, receiving several awards including the “Sport Watch Award” at the prestigious Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève. The Sixties saw the Contograf become an emblem of its time thanks to its innovative features, in the true style of a Maison that is always ahead of its time.

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Since the early decades of the last century, officers of the Italian Royal Navy have worn Eberhard & Co.  chronographs on their wrists, while the Maison’s “Frecce Tricolori” Chronomaster has accompanied the flights of the world’s most famous aerobatic team since 1984. This overview would not of course be complete without the collection dedicated to the legendary motor racing champion Tazio Nuvolari, the great driver who was never without his Eberhard pocket watch.

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In recent times, the range has been enhanced with the 8 JOURS which, by means of a special device patented by Eberhard & Co., only needs winding once a week, and the Extra-fort, a re-interpretation of a chronograph that has been an iconic collection since the Forties.

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And last but not least, for the new millennium the Maison revolutionised the way we tell the time with the Chrono 4 (patented - registered design), the first and only chronograph in the history of watchmaking with four aligned counters, a veritable icon of the brand today. Never before had the minutes, hours, 24 hours and small seconds been arranged horizontally in a linear progression. Never before had telling the time proved to be so remarkably natural. A milestone of excellence, achieved thanks to the passion and commitment put into creating a mechanism that is unique for the complexity and difficulty of its construction.

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For these reasons Eberhard has chosen the to celebrate its 130th anniversary, as an emblematic model which embodies the essence of the Maison and confirms its natural propensity for evolution and growth, its ability to reinvent itself while keeping its personality and independence intact, and without sacrificing its deep bond with its roots.

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The commemorative version is the CHRONO 4 130, in a steel version with an attractive, sporty look and also in an extraordinary limited edition of 130 units.

Technical features

Reference: 31130 Limited edition of 130 pieces,
celebrating the Eberhard & Co. 130th anniversary.

Calibre EB. 251  
12 ½” – base ETA 2894‐2 with rhodium‐plated finish, perlée‐finish and blue screws.
Mechanical chronograph with automatic winding, device patented by Eberhard & Co.,
4 counters arranged in a row: minutes, hours, 24 hours  and  small‐seconds.
Date  at  12  o'clock.
The  complete mechanism works with 53 rubies.
Main plate and wheels with DLC® finishing.
Counters wheels visible thanks to the  upper bridge in
sapphire glass  that is 3 tenths of a millimetre thick.
Oscillating weight:    with a circular structure, finished Côtes de Genève and personalised with the number 130 with blue colour fill.
Steel, with satin finish and polished details.
Diameter:    42,00 mm.
Thickness:    13,30 mm.
Case‐back: fixed by 8 screws, central part in sapphire glass; outer circumference dedicated to personalized engravings.
Bezel: with double circular satin finish and intermediate polished cylindrical part.
Water‐resistance:    50 m
Crown: screw‐in, water‐resistant personalised with “130” in relief
Glass: sapphire, flat, with an anti‐reflective treatment on the inner surface
Argenté or black, skeleton, which reveals the gears of the chronograph mechanism.
Rhodium plaque, secured to the main plate by 2 screws and
personalised with the historic trademark of Eberhard & Co.,
as used for the first wrist chronograph in 1919.
Hands:    sword‐shaped skeleton hands, hours and minutes, with luminescent points.
Push‐buttons:    in steel, “drop‐shaped”.
In carbon‐wear, in grey‐black colour, with steel buckle personalized “E&C”.
Optional:    Deployment clasp Déclic® (patented)

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Strap‐attachment:    20,00 mm

Chrono4 130: Patented – Registered Design

------------------------------------------ - Eberhard-Co.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

ZENITH – PILOT Type 20 Extra Special 40 mm

ZENITHPILOT Type 20 Extra Special 40 mm

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A trendy new take on vintage

An imposing presence and an adventurous temperament: Zenith’s famous Pilot watch displays its vintage style on all wrists. In a new 40 mm case made from aged steel, its attributes inherited from aviation’s pioneering days – a broad fluted crown, oversized luminescent numerals, a grained dial and an in-house ‘motor’ – make an ideal match with the retro shades of the oily nubuck straps with contrasting stitching.

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Shades of mustard, khaki, blue or burgundy. A 40 mm diameter. Elegant hues and ideal proportions, while never losing sight of the spirit of adventure that forged its legend. Aged steel, a grained-finish dials (slate-grey, khaki, blue or burgundy colors) with large beige numerals, nubuck straps: the new Pilot from Zenith lends itself to the most stylish vintage variations.

Unisex size

With its format suited to every wrist, the new Pilot Type 20 Extra Special 40 mm rounds out an emblematic range from Zenith, thus far composed of large-size watches. Its more ‘democratic’ dimensions continue to house the same original attributes: an in-house movement, a broad fluted crown and large luminescent Arabic numerals swept over by finely crafted hands.

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The new Pilot hails from an all-conquering lineage!

Authentic nature

The case crafted from aged steel and water-resistant to 100 metres is topped by a domed sapphire crystal protecting a broad slate grey or khaki or blue or burgundy dials with a grained finish. Optimal legibility is ensured by an aeronautically inspired font composed of beige Super-LumiNova® blocks, along with beige luminescent facetted hands.

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At its heart beats the automatic Zenith Elite 679 calibre. This reliable and accurate in-house movement drives central hours, minutes and seconds hands, while delivering a 50-hour power reserve. In a nod to the history of the Maison, the solid aged steel case-back bears the company’s historical logo – a coat-of-arms studded with stars and bearing the founding date of the Manufacture Zenith: 1865.

This distinctive and classy watch sets the seal on its trendy neo-retro look with choice of straps in mustard, khaki, blue or burgundy oily nubuck, featuring a protective rubber lining and a titanium pin buckle.


Model: PILOT Type 20 Extra Special 40 mm

Aged steel case
Inspired by the legendary Zenith aviation watches
Arabic numerals entirely made of Super-LumiNova®

  • 11.1940.679/91.C807 (slate grey dial – mustard strap)
  • 11.1940.679/63.C800 (khaki dial – khaki strap)
  • 11.1940.679/53.C808 (blue dial – blue strap)
  • 11.1940.679/94.C814 (burgundy dial – burgundy strap)

Calibre Elite 679, Automatic
Calibre 11 ½``` (Diameter: 25.6 mm)
Movement thickness: 3.85 mm
Components: 126
Jewels: 27
Frequency: 28,800 VpH (4 Hz)
Power-reserve: min. 50 hours
Finishes: Oscillating weight with “Côtes de Genève” motif
Hours and minutes in the centre
Central seconds hand
Diameter: 40 mm
Dial-opening diameter: 33.10 mm
Thickness: 12.95 mm
Crystal: Domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both sides
Case-back: Aged steel case-back engraved with the old Zenith logo
Material: Aged steel
Water-resistance: 10 ATM
Dial: Slate grey or khaki or blue or burgundy, grained finish
Hour-markers: Arabic numerals in Super-LumiNova® SLN GL Beige
Hands: Black ruthenium-plated, faceted and coated with Super-LumiNova® SLN GL Beige
27.00.2018.800 Khaki-coloured oily nubuck leather strap with protective rubber lining
27.00.2018.807 Mustard-coloured oily nubuck leather strap with protective rubber lining
27.00.2018.808 Blue oily nubuck leather strap with protective rubber lining
27.00.2018.814 Burgundy oily nubuck leather strap with protective rubber lining
Buckle reference
27.95.0031.001 Titanium pin buckle

ZENITH | Swiss Watch Manufacture Since 1865
Rue des Billodes 34-36 | CH-2400 Le Locle
Fabiana Chiacchio
Tel. +41 32 930 65 59
Mobile +41 79 515 47 54
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