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CVSTOS – Challenge Koi Tourbillon


When two universes meet… High-end watchmaking & high-end jewellery

In incessant quest for progress and in the highest respect for the Swiss watchmaking tradition, allied with state of-the-art technologies, combining refinement and elegance, CVSTOS unveils its new vision of high-end watchmaking. The historical success of the brand features some chance or direct collaborations with people of various talents, which enabled CVSTOS to create unique products, carriers of various images, in perfect osmosis with the messages conveyed by the brand.

It was about time…

Always devoted to development, CVSTOS wishes to go even further… with the brand; it needs to give itself a new
CHALLENGE in terms of high-end watchmaking.

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A new Japanese range…
The crafts of the art of high-end watchmaking and high-end jewellery.
CVSTOS’ watchmaking philosophy consists of always seeking to expand the offer, while maintaining the core
values, such as accuracy; performance; efficiency; and comfort of everyday use.
At a time when all you hear is “verticalisation”, a word that embodies so many industrial aspects… features
that govern nowadays the strategies of these large groups of watchmakers, whose sole aim is the homoge-
nisation of codes and behaviours…
CVSTOS currently strives to follow a way of its own… Going against the industrial trend… By doing precisely
the contrary… Turning this luxury item into a unique piece of art through artisan processes… Relying, hence,
its work on the sensitiveness and artistic identity of the engraver and enameller or, even more, on the pain-
ter’s style, seeing a canvas in the TOURBILLON CVS-2600CY calibre.

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A revealing voyage of shared passions…

Approaching the golden pavilion of Kinkaku-ji, the fascination acted in an outburst of inspiration… then “immediately, I found it difficult to exhale”… there is no word or phrase to render such perfection, such elegance, such harmony… at the sight of this place, bathing in silence… Cradled by the song of the birds, by the murmurs of water cascades, feeding the neighbouring basins. An irreprehensible desire, to do something, that could recreate this feeling… “I was deeply moved”.

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Returning from this initiatory voyage to Kyoto, drifted by these encounters, the places he has visited, and in ceaseless quest for inspiration, Antonio Terranova (maker & designer of CVSTOS brand) undertakes a personal approach, under the form of a dedication, materialised in a watch that pays homage to the country of the rising sun (Japan). A country formed of modernisms; of anachronisms symbolising its numberless cultural facets, all soaked in a tradition of timeless customs and habits. These examples of ARTISAN MASTERY are the natural Sources of inspiration for a designer; not to forget, however, that the word “artisan” contains in itself the word “Art”…

To this specific end, to perpetuate “the Art” under these various forms, as expressed by the Watchmaker; the Engraver; the Case Maker; the Crimper… Artistic crafts put together in the creation of a single work.

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The game starts… the creativity may play its part…

Satisfying the most various customisation wishes as regards the choice of colour materials for the background, like the cover of open design Barrel recalling the “lotus” flower, another symbol pertaining to Zen philosophy, or the choice of integrating to the latter another subject that is equally suggestive for the pond – “the dragonfly”, or even more the splashes formed by the carp in heading to the surface while crossing the Yellow River, implying perseverance.

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Contradictions you would say…

One should be able to express a great deal of creativity through a modular standing, adjustable at the choice of a craftsman engraver – just like an artist in front of his canvas. In this way was this calibre imagined… like a canvas on which the elements; the subjects should be allowed to harmoniously mingle with the rigid elements of this high performance Tourbillon mechanism intended to a refined and demanding  public of connoisseurs.

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The fully open design of the calibre enables a currently unique three-dimensionality, adjusting the architecture and the arrangement of the transmission system of the vertical-line wheels, freeing thus 2 voluminous side spaces.

Technical Specifications

Model: CVSTOS CHALLENGE Koi Tourbillon

Tonneau-shaped, 53.70mm x 41mm
Materials: Steel / Black Steel / Gold 5N
Setting: Handmade 4.9 Carats
Caseback: Open with sapphire crystal
Crystal: Double sapphire crystal glass, non-reflecting coating
Water-resistance: 100 meters (10 ATM)
Screws: Polished titanium grade 5 or 5N Pink gold with exclusive pattern
Crown: Screw-down with releasable mechanism, polished titanium grade 5 / 5N Pink gold or black titanium
Skeleton, coating, exclusive decoration
Indexes: Chromed or treated 5N gold and SuperLuminova treated
Hands: Pierced, chromed or treated 5N gold and Super-Luminova treated
Calibre CVSTOS CVS 2600C hand wound
Openwork Tourbillon movement with bridges
Nishkigoi Shaped
Characteristics: Flying Tourbillon, cage Ø 12mm, anti shock
Power-reserve: 60 hours
Jewels: 21
Frequency: 18,000 vibrations per hour
Hour, minute and «3 X 20 Seconds» indicator
Galuchat /Shagreen (sharkskin)

Press Release
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