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KERBEDANZ – Tree of Life Edition

KERBEDANZ Tree of Life Gold Limited Edition NEW

The Tree of Life, lavish style and symbolic vibes

Baselworld 2016

Exclusively feminine... The Tree of Life explores the fascinating world of haute joaillerie. "Making sense of beauty" is the KERBEDANZ motto, the masters in combining universal symbols with the outmost in the art of Swiss watchmaking.

It's a premiere for KERBEDANZ! With this ultra- limited series of forty-one watches, the Swiss brand from Neuchâtel, Switzerland, has connected with the delicate intimacy of the most refined and demanding women. This is a watch that explores the frontiers of female inaccessibility.

A tapestry of snow-set emeralds

This extraordinary timepiece, the Tree of Life, is being presented at the Palace at Baselworld 2016, the world's greatest watchmaking showcase. It is a distillate of all the ancient jewelry traditions, of which KERBEDANZ remains a rightful heir. It exudes the lavishness of massive gold and natural glass.

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The Tree of Life features a total of 540 carefully selected, cut and calibrated emeralds, generously sprinkled in a snow setting around the bezel and stretching all the way to the delightfully sculpted lugs. This harmonious, esthetically balanced creation is deeply immersed in the opulent style of the jeweler, an ancient, flowering tree planted in a mossy undergrowth. It is the product of an inspired designer, a work of horological art brimming with gold leaves and spangled with diamonds – the indices – and harboring an ultra-precise.

Swiss mechanical automatic movement. It speaks to the heart of women who, in spite of their discreet inclination towards all matters transcendent, do maintain a feeling for earthy realities.

Holder of heaven and earth

This great, very real jewel, made with the know-how and skill of the KERBEDANZ gem setters, expresses universal symbols redolent of celestial dews and the sacred fruit of the Garden of Eden. In all cultural and spiritual traditions of mankind, on all five continents, the Tree of Life represents physical and spiritual growth. With its branches that reach towards the sky in a ceaseless quest for perfection, and its roots that connect with Mother Earth, this special tree is at the juncture of two worlds. It is the connection between divine immortality and the human condition. Like its leaves and fruit, which perform that gracious ballet of eternal cycle of apparent death and seasonal rebirth, this organic being is bursting with vitality.

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With KERBEDANZ, a path of initiation is always in the equation. The brand differentiates itself by a special strategy: It's the only top Swiss watchmaker that aims to "make sense of beauty." It adds meaning to sheer esthetic power, which is now in close relation to emotion. So it takes its enthusiasts – who are often MIPs, or Most Important Personalities – on a path through universal symbols. It offers initiatory journeys explored by way of unique pieces, or pieces in ultra-limited series.

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Once again, KERBEDANZ is expressing a harmonious marriage between two stories going back centuries. Indeed, the Tree of Life model combines the legacy of Switzerland's watchmaking regions, with its proliferation of micro-mechanical genius, and a family dynasty of engravers, enamellers and miniature sculptors that has kept the arts and crafts related to ancient jeweler tradition alive for generations.

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A name that signifies leader and precursor is worthy of unique personalities. A watch worthy of unique personalities needs to have sublime qualities. This is how Kerbedanz was created as a perfect marriage of watch-making excellence, a unique philosophical concept and a highly creative visual design.
The name KERBEDANZ derives from the patronymic of the Brand’s founding President Tigran Karabedyan.

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 President Tigran Karabedyan

Paying a tribute to his ancestor, he gives to his company the name KERBEDANZ which means “the heirs of Karabed” (Karabed meaning Precursor/Leader), both qualifiers being perfectly adapted to KERBEDANZ which is a precursor with its concept of specific products’ value. By the way, Kerbedanz appears as a Leader regarding its very unique watch models - or very limited series - dedicated to a very exclusive clientele well known in their activities.
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Chief Design Officer Aram Petrosyan


The ancestor of Tigran Karabedyan was a renowned goldsmith with wonderful skills to work the metal. He had acquired a great notoriety in the entire region where he exercised his art and was regularly sought to repair failing clocks as well. His fame is not only because of his competence. Indeed he was a good man, humble, generous, devoted to his family, and faithful to his friends. His highly professional skills and knowledge gave him not only a comfortable life but also the consideration and the respect of his surroundings.
Anxious to transfer the legacy of his ancestor and in the respect for the ethical values which had marked his life and works, Tigran Karabedyan decides to create his own watch brand and to locate it in Switzerland, in the city of Neuchâtel, the ancestral cradle of the Swiss watch industry.
The KERBEDANZ watches have a dual heritage: the know-how of the ancestral watchmaking and the ethic value cultivated by a man fair and straight, highly self-demanding in his professional commitment and in his life as well.
Through its product policy - concept, manufacturing and high quality finishing - the excellence of its network and overall the respect dedicated to its Clients, KERBEDANZ will fully reflect these ethical values.


The KERBEDANZ watches therefore have a dual heritage: the abilities and the centuries-old tradition of Swiss luxury watchmaking and the ethical values ​​that have accompanied a good and righteous man during his whole life, who was attached to the quality and accuracy of his work as to  respect the rules of life.

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Chief Design Officer Aram Petrosyan

KERBEDANZ impregnated with the fundamental ethical values​​, base its principles on the respect of its customers and watches over to offer products of  high quality and a distribution that is as selective as exclusive.

Giving sense to beauty

 The KERBEDANZ brand has the mission to interpret the multiple universe of human thought as creating exceptional watches by the symbolic content they contain. Through these exceptional watches, KERBEDANZ wants to establish a special relationship with the customers that are named "leaders." These same leaders and precursors, by their actions and charisma, participate in their respective fields to the creation and expansion of the universe of human thought.
By merging the "form and substance" KERBEDANZ carries in his creations perfect union between a philosophical or esthetic symbolism and its cultural translation.
It is this unique creative concept that KERBEDANZ applies to the design of its very exclusive watches, sometimes very evocative or more discrete, mysterious or even subliminal depending on the nature of the subject under discussion. The personalization of the watch can be so secret that its evocation is only comprehensible to its owner.

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Chief Design Officer Aram Petrosyan

A World of Symbols

The universe of human thought is not only made ​​of the philosophical and cultural heritage of mankind since ancient times, but it is continually adding new discoveries and theories in such various areas as science, history, philosophy, art and everything related to ethical values ​​that elevate human dignity and give its own value to every civilization and every culture.
To create valuables corresponding to contemporary design, capable of transmitting strong emotions and messages: myths and symbols from the depths of time or exciting visions of a future projection - this is the challenge that KERBEDANZ was sent giving priority in terms of product to the pursuit of excellence, uniqueness, reliability, elegance and innovation at the service of its customers.

Technical Specifications

Model: KERBEDANZ Tree of Life
41 Piece

Automatic mechanical KRB-03 caliber,
Designed. manufactured and decorated by Kerbedanz and Technotime
120 hours power reserve, 28,800vph, 35 jewels 
Hours, minutes
18K Yellow Gold, 41mm.
Case and lugs decorated with emeralds.
Designed, decorated and manufactured by Kerbedanz.
Sapphire crystal and case back with anti-reflective treatment.
Water-resistant 5 atm.
The crown dressed with emerald is situated in the north-east, between 1 and 2 o’clock.
Massive yellow gold, set with diamonds.
Designed, manufactured and hand decorated by Kerbedanz.
Alligator mississippiensis with 18K gold double folding clasp with a special Kerbedanz design
41 pieces.

    Kerbedanz SA
    Rue des Moulins 51,
    2000 Neuchâtel, Switzerland   
    + 41 32 725 18 10

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