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WERENBACH – Earth Spaceborn – Unique Piece

WERENBACHEarth Spaceborn – Unique Piece

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Real rocket watches 
take off with crowdfunding

The Zurich watch brand Werenbach produces quality mechanical watches with material from rockets that have been in space. With the “Earth Collection”, the start-up company is launching a collection that everyone can afford. To realise this undertaking, Werenbach is relying on the support of the Internet community.

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In March the new collection will be launched on the crowdfunding platform “”. During the campaign, buyers can benefit from a one-time introductory price. Those who dare not only profit, but through their purchase help the new rocket watches to take off.

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From another world – a piece of space on your wrist

All Werenbach watches contain original material from the Soyuz spacecraft. In 1961 this type of rocket launched the first astronauts into space and today still carries astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS).

 “We want to bring space and space travel closer to the people. With watches made of spaceborn rocket material and with the realization that comes from space: every astronaut who has observed the Earth from space is aware of the relativity of our existence. He is spaceborn. Just like the material of our watches - and our ideology. The message from Patrick Hohmann, Werenbach Founder & CEO: a change of perspective can change the world.

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Specifically, the watch material comes from the first stage of the rocket, which was jettisoned shortly after launch and fell back to Earth. The boosters landed on the steppes of Kazakhstan, where they were retrieved by Werenbach founder Patrick Hohmann and transported to Switzerland. The material was prepared there and processed into precision watch components.

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Whereas in the models of the hand-made Atelier Collection, the case as well as elements of the dial (in some models) were made of rocket material, in the ‘Earth Collection’ original material was used solely for the dial. The material for this collection comes from the Soyuz spacecraft, which was launched on 19 October 2016 destined for the International Space Station (ISS), returning back to Earth on 25 February 2017.

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The rocket determines the design – each watch is unique

«At Werenbach focus is not on the history of the watch brand, but on the history of the material. Spaceborn material to which there is otherwise no access,” said Patrick Hohmann. The raw material used is left in its original condition and by the colour, one can easily see which part of the rocket it comes from: if the dial is white, the material comes from the fairing of the spacecraft (nose cone); if it is grey, then it was made from part of the booster.

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The orange-coloured metal plate incorporated in the dials of some of the models comes from the cladding of the rocket engine. In short, the rocket determines the design of the watch. The unprocessed surface of the original rocket parts shows scratches and other signs of wear that make each watch unique.

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Win-win thanks to crowdfunding

To keep the prices of the ‘Earth Collection’ low, Werenbach used a new construction concept as well as a new production process. The watches also contain a less-complex movement and are produced in considerably larger quantities. Production is being pre-financed with the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on the international online platform “”.

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About Werenbach

The Zurich start-up company Werenbach has been making watches since 2013 out of material from spaceborn Russian Soyuz rockets. Up to now the watches have been produced in very limited editions and sold directly. Three watches have already been unofficially tested by astronauts in space. Patrick Hohmann is the owner and CEO of Werenbach. He wrote about his entrepreneurial beginnings in the adventure novel ‘Werenbachs Uhr’ (Bilgerverlag, 2015).

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This is a win-win situation: the buyers finance the production and help the manufacturer increase awareness, at the same time they can purchase the watches at one-time wholesale prices. The mechanical watches are available from 490 CHF. The offer begins on 26 March 2017 and is limited to two months. Delivery of the watches will be five months after the crowdfunding campaign ends. Once the watches are officially on the market, they will cost approximately twice that amount.

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Technical Characteristics

This dial was cut from the inner surface of the rocket booster. The surface has been left in its original condition. Each watch is therefore different due to signs of wear and color nuances.

The Launch Sequencer scale displays the three stages en route to orbit. Information such as time, altitude and stage (rocket stages I, II and III) are arranged on the watch, giving readings for the point at which each rocket stage is jettisoned.

Cal. STP 1-11
This movement is made by Swiss Technology Production in Switzerland.
It is identical with the legendary ETA 2824 and known for its high quality and beautiful finish.

Case: Stainless Steel
Scale: Launch Sequencer
Crystal: Saphire (scratch resistant)
Diameter: 40 mm
Height: 14 mm
Weight: 87 g
Luminous material: Super Luminova
Waterproof: 5 ATM
Textile, calf leather

Delivery & sale start: November 2017

Actual discount prices of 25% are limited to october 2017

Press Release - 2017
Patrick Hohmann,
Tel. +41 79 597 25 65,
Werenbach AG, Forchstrasse 229,
8032 Zurich, Switzerland,
Atelier: Atelier WERENBACH, Limmatquai 56,
8001 Zurich, Switzerland
--------------------------------------------------------- - WERENBACH.CH

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