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VOUTILAINEN – “Scintillante” Unique Piece

VOUTILAINENCurrentScintillante” White Gold Edition Unique Piece

The intention behind this timekeeper was to endow a creation in the great watchmaking tradition with the innovative character of a luxurious jewellery piece. The choice of autumnal hues is reminiscent of a walk in the woods when leaves cover the ground with their many colours. 423 gemstones decorate this piece with 9.65 carats of sapphires and 0.55 carat of F-G if-vvs diamonds.

The middle part featuring a medley of round stones of different diameters distributed at random in a snow setting has been enhanced by 131 navette cut, pear cut, oval or round stones of varying sizes and colours.

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The challenge presented by the lugs was to respect the specific geometry which gives Voutilainen timepieces their unique identity while still retaining their distinctive curved shape. Hence the choice of the invisible setting technique, using stones cut specifically for this purpose, with a rounded top to obtain a smooth shape and scissor cut culets, which impart an exceptional sparkle to the 36 rubies.

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The bezel also features 58 closed set rubies with scissor cut culets and half rounded tops. The dial is a prowess of micro-machining with 12 indexes in navette cut rubies, orange and yellow sapphires set from below, circled by 84 diamonds in a paved setting with an engine-turned and grey enamelled central rosace.

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The crown is set with a closed ruby cabochon. The buckle mirrors the sides of the middle part with 101 sapphires and rubies of varying sizes and diameters.

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Technical Characteristics

Model: Voutilainen – “Scintillante”
Unique, in-house designed movement with hours and minutes.
Main plate and bridges made from nickel-silver; Côtes de Genève decoration with 5N18 gilding.
Direct impulse escapement with two escapement wheels.
Wheels in rose gold.
Balance: Free sprung balance (with a Breguet/Grossmann balance spring,
fitted with rose gold inertia blocks, beating at at 18,000 vph).
Diameter of balance wheel is 13.60mm.
Jewels: 21
Movement size: ø 30.00 mm x 5.60 mm
18 carat gold with 84 diamonds featuring grain diamond setting and  
12 closed-set navette cut corundums for the indexes; hand engine-turned with translucent enamel
Hands: Gold and steel, handmade
All manufacturing, construction, fabrication, hand finishing and assembly in the Voutilainen workshop.
18K white gold, 18-carat gold crown.
Case size: ø 39.00 mm  x 11.5mm
White gold case (18K), bezel features 58 baguette cut rubies rounded with closed setting; lugs feature 36 baguette cut rubies, invisible setting; crown features 1 closed set ruby cabochon, white gold; case contours feature 131 snow-set rubies, orange and yellow sapphires. Sapphire glass front and back, with anti reflection treatment.

Hand-stitched alligator strap. 
Matching 18K white gold tang buckle with 101 snow-set rubies, orange and yellow sapphires.

Limited to 1 unique piece.

Price:  285'000 CHF

Kari Voutilainen
Voutilainen Horlogerie d’Art
Comblémine 2
2112 Môtiers | Switzerland
Tél +41 32 861 4832
Fax +41 32 861 4833

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