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Urban Jurgensen – Reference 1140 PT Blue Edition

Urban Jürgensen – Reference 1140 PT Blue Platinium Limited Edition


An Urban Jürgensen timepiece has always been an example of uncompromising craftsmanship, a tradition the current owners of the company feel honour-bound to perpetuate. The Maison’s timepieces are not mass-produced in a nondescript industrial building but carefully honed in a traditional atelier. The creation of an Urban Jürgensen watch is not the product of expedience, but instead, the continued pursuit of excellence deploying the traditional highly specialised forms of craftsmanship reflecting the timeless traditions of the company.

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At Urban Jürgensen there is a belief that perfection is seldom the product of haste. Machinery may offer capacity, but hand craftsmanship provides individuality and lasting joy. While traditional materials ensure longevity, skilled hands are required to deftly manipulate tools to create horological objects of beauty.

Completely in accord with the extraordinary history and high level of watch making of Urban Jϋrgensen, we are pleased to present our new limited edition of 30 pieces - 1140 PT L Blue for 2017. At first glance, the 1140 PT L Blue exhibits a simplicity that conceals the complexity of its creation. The construction method and craftsmanship used are deliberately intended to appeal to connoisseurs of fine watchmaking. While some design elements and finishing are clear to see, others are virtually hidden from view. This new model complements the Jurgensen 1745 collection as a blend of our most precious examples of craftsmanship, Urban Jurgensen Hands, Guilloche and white gold appliques with an in-house P4 movement.

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The 40mm classic case design used in this reference, has a round form, teardrop shaped lugs and stepped bezel combined with exquisitely finished dials and hands.

Urban Jürgensen hands, are very much hand-made. They comprise a significant number of components that are individually honed, assembled and finished. This naturally implies numerous hours of highly skilled workmanship and are a key feature of Urban Jürgensen timepieces. The white gold arms of Urban Jürgensen hands are cut from solid white gold and manually finished to ensure a perfect shape and fit. Numerous hours of diligent polishing with increasingly fine-grained diamond paper are followed by mirror polishing using secret types of polishing paste applied using a variety of wooden pegs specially shaped for the task. Its asymmetrical design, gently tapered towards the tip, ensures a unique elegance. This unwavering commitment to excellence is further exemplified at the very centre of the dial, in the precision-turned and mirror-polished solid gold hand pipes (also known as bushes), around which the arms are riveted to ensure a perfect fit.

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Urban Jürgensen are considered masters of the art of the hand finished guilloche dials. In the new model, it can be appreciated in the vast attention to detail in the dial layout and pattern selections Grains d’orges and Guilloché Damier. Each dial requires up to 700 operations and takes two full days of hand work to complete on a guilloche lathe. After engine-turning, the dial is repeatedly brought to Rose heat and treated with acid to produce the unique warm colour by developing a fine layer of pure silver on the surface finally the dial is imbued with the proprietary Urban Jurgensen blue.

The White Gold Urban Jürgensen Arabic numeral appliques are inspired by the hand painted enamel and gran feu dials of our historic pocket watches – an inspiration that imparts almost impossible challenges in crafting them in solid gold. Transferring the long extremely thin lines painted in a “1” or a “2”, or the small “+” on a “4”, is a challenge very few master today. It is simply very difficult and delicate work.

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The Urban Jürgensen numerals cannot be stamped out. They are cut in several cutting processes from a solid gold sheet to arrive at the final shape, followed by an extremely delicate polishing process finished by hand to arrive at the fine “bombé” pillow shaped profile. And because they are so fine in the details, no two sets on two dials are identical.

Hand-wound, hand-fitted and hand-made: hands at Urban Jürgensen indeed not only indicate time but in 2017 continue to stir the same excitement, approval and wonder among watchmakers and connoisseurs alike as they have for over 240 years.

About Urban Jürgensen

Our story started in 1745 with the birth in Copenhagen of Jürgen Jürgensen, founder of the watchmaking dynasty that still bears his name. Jürgen’s son, Urban Jürgensen (1776 - 1830), quickly followed in his father’s footsteps. After completing his apprenticeship at such extraordinary watchmakers as Breguet in Paris and Arnold in England, Urban steered the Jürgensen brand to new heights. Urban’s two sons, Jules-Frederik and Louis Urban, then continued the family tradition. Jules studied in Switzerland and moved to Le Locle, while his brother Louis remained in charge of the factory in Copenhagen, giving the company roots in both countries that have been maintained ever since. The innovation and excellence of Jürgensen’s output exerted a tremendous influence on the watchmaking industry of Le Locle and, indeed, the entire Canton of Neuchatel, introducing the latest techniques from around the world. Of course, none of this happened by accident; rather, it has been the product of centuries of commitment and dedication to the arts.

Technical Specifications

Ref. 1140 Blue Platinum

Urban Jürgensen Movement P4
Swiss Lever Escapement
Manual winding                 
Hours, minutes, small seconds    
Adjusted to temperature, isochronism in five (5) positions
Stop seconds     
Twin barrels     
Autonomy 72 hours     
Frequency 21’600 V/h (3 Hz)    
Twenty-three (23) jewels    
Diameter 32.00 mm     
Thickness 5.20 mm      
Platinum 40 mm
Round 3-piece case, with a convex bezel
Individually soldered teardrop lugs
Domed sapphire crystal
Open back with flat sapphire crystal
Water resistant 3 ATM
Circular brushed chapter ring
Hand finished guilloché d ial on one piece solid silver
Urban Jürgensen domed platinum Arabic numerals Blue coloured Silver dial  
Hand made solid White Gold.
Diamond polished eye in White Gold.    
Delivered exclusively with solid platinum folding buckle and clasp.        
Alligator skin
Length 115/75mm, width 20/16. Custom made sizes available  on request.      
Semi-matt blue. Other colours are available on request.


Urban Jürgensen. 
Chemin Creux 18. 2503 Biel/Bienne.
Tel: +41-32 365 1526.
Fax: +41-32 365 2266.
------------------------------------------------------------ - Urban Jurgensen

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