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REBELLION – Predator 2.0 GMT Zenvo Edition

REBELLIONPredator 2.0 GMT Gold Zenvo Limited Edition

Rebellion Timepieces and Zenvo Automotive Announce Collaboration Zenvo Branded, Limited Edition Watch Revealed

March 7th, 2017

Lonay, Switzerland (7 March 2017) – Rebellion Timepieces, a Swiss manufacturer of high-precision watches, announces a strategic partnership with Zenvo Automotive at the 87th Geneva International Motor Show 2017. As part of the partnership, Rebellion Timepieces will develop a new watch model and timing instrumentation for Zenvo Automotive’s supercars. The partnership extends into technical collaboration with Rebellion Racing which will include shared engineering capabilities, data and testing.

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Also revealed at the show was a limited edition Predator 2.0 GMT Zenvo timepiece. This racing-inspired, dual time-zone watch features a dial adorned with a brake and a caliper hour hand. It serves as the pair’s first act of partnership.

Zenvo Automotive is a Danish manufacturer of high performance supercars and an engineering development company. Like Rebellion Timepieces, it is driven by a desire to produce highly customizable, limited edition products made with the best automotive technologies, innovation and human attention to detail.

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Nigel Gordon-Stewart, Global Commercial Director of Zenvo Automotive: “We are really thrilled about this partnership with Rebellion. I’ve admired their brand, their premium watches and their ability to just get out there and take on the big boys on the track. Their watch mechanics are really impressive and we are looking forward to utilizing their savoir-faire to provide our cars with very high-precision clocks and timing equipment.”

Philippe Dubois, CEO of Rebellion Timepieces: “I have gotten to know Nigel and Zenvo as a company very well over the previous months. Both our organizations have a lot in common. I am very impressed by their engineering and design intelligence and think that they will be a huge asset to the watch side as well as to our sister company Rebellion Racing.”

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Zenvo Automotive’s Anniversary TS1 supercar, the Predator 2.0 GMT Zenvo watch and a Rebellion Racing show car are on display at the Geneva International Motor Show until 19 March in the Palexpo convention center in Geneva.


ZENVO Automotive  – ‘10th Anniversary TS1 GT’ Unique SuperCar 2017

Zenvo Automotive are proud to present our 10th Anniversary TS1 GT model at the 87th
Geneva International Motor Show 2017.

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The car is a unique, one-off, bespoke TS1 GT which has been built specifically to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the company. Zenvo has specified and built the car to reflect the heritage of the company and its founders from Denmark. This historic TS1 GT has been named ‘Sleipnir’ [pronounced: “Sleep-near”] after the eight-legged horse ridden by Odin, the King of the Norse gods in ancient Scandinavian mythology. Sleipnir was ‘the fastest and best horse among gods and men.’

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The recognition of the heritage of Scandinavia and its historical significance does not stop there. This very special TS1 GT has been painted in ‘Fjord Blue’ and highlighted by copper-bronze strips on the hood and roof of the car which are set into the bare carbon-fibre panels as well as contrasting copper highlights both inside and outside of the car.

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The use of copper-bronze recognizes the technological advancements by ancient Danes in exploration, trading and commerce extending from North America to Russia and the Middle East. In the pre-history of Scandinavia, Bronze was the most advanced material available. It was used in multiple applications including the design and building of chariots. Bronze was the carbon-fibre of its age and provided a technical advancement which allowed the unparalleled growth of the Vikings and the Scandinavian region. The application of advanced technology within the region continues with the production of some of the most technically advanced hypercars in the world. Using extensive lightweight carbon-fibre and other hybrid composite materials as well as a unique proprietary drivetrain with ultra-fast advanced gear-shift, traction control and ESC technology, the quality of Zenvo engineering and the precision quality of production are the worthy successors of our innovative ancestors.

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“Presenting this car at Geneva and celebrating our tenth anniversary makes me very proud and humble”, said Troels Vollertsen, Technical Director and Founder of Zenvo Automotive A/S. “We have achieved so much with a small team of highly dedicated and capable individuals. All of us recognize our heritage as pioneers of technology and remain totally committed to continue to produce and develop Zenvo cars which provide our owners and drivers with a sensational experience of performance, quality and perfect driving pleasure which is the DNA of our brand and our cars. We look forward with great excitement to the next ten years.”


The Company was formed in 2007 as a channel for the aspirations and ambitions of a small group of highly talented Danish engineers and designers with extensive experience gained from working with Italian and German automotive companies. Led by powertrain specialist, Troels Vollertsen, with the design and styling vision of ex-RCA graduate Christian Brandt, the team wanted to realise long-held passionate ambitions to build a car which combined the traditional skills of Danish styling design with German-derived high performance technology.

Functionalistic and immediately aesthetically iconic, the Zenvo ST1 was developed over six years to demonstrate the use of ultra-lightweight composite materials in the design realisation of a car capable of performing alongside contemporary iconic supercars. A uniquely designed and engineered engine of 6.9 litres was produced for the ST1 incorporating both supercharger and turbocharger delivering 1120PS in a car made extensively from Carbon Fibre but featuring an aluminium and steel safety cell which, when tested, provided the ideal passenger environment for safety and comfort.

In 2016 Zenvo presented their revised hyper-GT, the TS1 GT, along with its racetrack-bred sibling, the TSR. A completely new engine of 5.8L capacity with twin superchargers had been developed now producing more than 1165PS. The new engine boasts a dry sump and flat-plane crankshaft configuration allowing the engine to spin more freely, rev much higher, produce power more efficiently and be mounted lower in the body for improved handling. Uniquely developed software running the Zenvo-designed high performance gearbox provides one of the fastest-shifting powertrains in existence confirming the on-going technological progress of Zenvo Automotive.

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