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JACOB & Co. – Opera by Jacob&Co.Tourbillon Edition

JACOB & Co.Opera by Jacob&Co. Tri-Axial Tourbillon Black DLC Titanium 47mm Edition


Baselworld 2017

World premiere combination of two traditional Swiss crafts is used in a timepiece: a mechanical music box basting 2 cylinders and combs and an exclusive Jacob & Co. JCFM02 manual-winding caliber.

Jacob & Co. once again demonstrates its irrepressible ability to surprise as it launches the new Opera Musical Watch. In this new collection, two cylinders and combs are mounted on the movement and rotate around the dial each time they play their melody, together with a triple-axis tourbillon and the subsidiary hour and minute dial.

Swiss Music Box Heritage

The making of music boxes had been, and still is, a traditional Swiss craft for hundreds of years. In the Opera, Jacob & Co. has combined this artisanal work with high watchmaking for the very first time incorporating two cylinders and combs resulting in 120 notes melody providing a never heard before sound in a musical watch.

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Using a sophisticated one-piece sapphire crystal that encircles the whole timepiece, the entire workings of the Opera are put on display for all to see and it also allows the movement to deliver the purest sound.

Unique complication

The two cylinders are driven by a central flywheel – a real challenge for the movement, due to the weight of the cylinders. A pusher located at 2 o’clock activates the rotation of the entire movement and simultaneously plays the 120 notes melody. Each note is played as the tiny pins on the cylinder make contact with the individual teeth of the comb. As the cylinders turn to play the melody, the entire assembly on which they are fixed, including the Triple Axis tourbillon and the hour and minute dial, rotates 120 degrees around the dial.

The tourbillon rotates around its inner cage once in 40 seconds, its intermediates cage rotates in 3 minutes and its outer cage rotates in 8 minutes.

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Finally, in order to display the time with 12 o’clock always in the 12 o’clock position, a patented differential gear system is used; both the dial and the hands have to turn counter-clockwise

The manually wound calibre JCFM02 has been developed specifically for this complication, using titanium components for excellent sound propagation. The movement, which comprises 650 components, fits into a diameter of just 43mm. A pusher based at 2 o’clock on the case middle triggers the melody and thus the rotation of the movement. Regardless of whether or not the melody is playing, the triple-axis tourbillon dances its incessant mechanical ballet.

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The Jacob & Co. Opera Musical Watch comes in two different versions, one 18-piece limited edition that is minimalist in its presentation with black and gold highend finishes, showing the mechanical workings. The other, unique piece version allows decorations on the cylinders. Indeed, the piece depicts a romantic gala night with an orchestra.


Collection: Grand complication

Model: Opera by Jacob&Co.

Ref.: OP100.21.AD.AA.A

Caliber: Exclusive Jacob & Co. manual-winding JCFM02
Diameter: 43mm;
Height: 17.2mm (maximum height at center of movement);
Material: Steel, brass, platinum and titanium
Components: 646;
Subsidiary hour and minute dial; Triple-axis gravitational tourbillon cage rotating about
  • Its own axis once in 40 seconds,
  • Its second axis every 3 minutes
  • Its third axis every 8 minute.
Music upon demand with musical melody activated by
pusher at 2 o’clock by means of two rotating cylinders.  
120° movement rotation in 20 seconds.
Power Reserve: 72-Hours;
Frequency: 21’600 vib/h (3 Hz);
Jewels: 52
System: Triple Axis Tourbillon with Carillon
Bridges and plates:
Black PVD finish; Barrels: Circular graining; Cylinders: rose gold plated; Pin-barrel

Material: Titanium Black PVD and Sapphire;
Diameter: 47mm;
Thickness: 20mm;
Case Back: Black PVD and Rose gold 18K;
Bows: Winding and Time-Setting via two Bows in the Case Back;
Crystal: Unique Domed Sapphire with Double Anti-Reflective Treatment;
Water resistance: 3 atm
Dial and hands 
Dial: Blued sapphire dial
Gold-plated sculpture an OCTOPUS
Hands: Hand-finished in rose gold
Rubber blue
Buckle: Sapphire crystal

Limited Edition: 18 Piece

For media inquiries please contact:
Jacob & Co. Corporate Office
Europe & Trade Press
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