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ETERNA – KonTiki Bronze Manufacture Edition

ETERNAKonTiki Bronze Manufacture Limited Edition


Eterna marks the 70th anniversary of Thor Heyerdahl’s legendary KonTiki expedition with a bold new limited edition timepiece manufactured, for the very first time, out of bronze.

Iconic design

In celebration of this important anniversary, the new Eterna KonTiki Bronze Manufacture Limited Edition continues the magnificent story of the KonTiki adventure with a bold and highly recognizable design. Trianguar luminescent hour markers are contrasted against a jet-black, granite-patterned dial that provides excellent legibility, while a unidirectional rotating bezel frames the dial with a decompression gauge. This decompression function provides divers with a useful backup to their diving computers as it indicates how long they can stay under water without needing to decompress.

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With a water-resistance of 200 metres, the Eterna KonTiki Bronze Manufacture is ready for adventures both on the surface of the water and at the depths of the ocean. The diving style has not been neglected either, as the timepiece is  fitted with a water-resistant leather strap that is durable and comfortable and whose dark brown colour brings out the warmth of the bronze case.

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This special collection dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the KonTiki expedition is limited to 300 pieces and is the perfect partner for today’s explorers who need a stylish timepiece that they can rely on as they embark on their very own adventures.

The beauty of bronze

The use of bronze has a long and renowned nautical history. For centuries, ships have relied on this metal alloy for its exceptional strength and resistance to rust and erosion. Even when it is in constant contact with salt water, bronze shows hardly any signs of corrosion, making it an excellent choice for the case of the new adventurous Eterna KonTiki Bronze Manufacture Limited Edition.

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Bronze is able to resist the agressivity of salt water thanks to its ability to super cially oxidize and create a greenish/brown copper oxide layer that protects it from the elements. This layer is called a patina and develops di erently for each and every wearer, making it a practical, yet stylish material for a watch’s case.

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This ancient alloy is highly appreciated by watch lovers for its ever-evolving colour, but also for its aged and weathered look that rhymes so perfectly with adventure, exploration, courage and strength. It is the perfect material for celebrating the 70th anniversary of the famous KonTiki expedition due to its vintage look and longstanding connection to the sea.


The watches in the KonTiki line are a reminder of thecourage and resolution of archaeologist and ethnologist Thor Heyerdahl. Back in 1947, the 32-year-old Norwegianand five other scientists set out from the Peruviancoast into the Pacific Ocean on a simple raft made ofbalsa wood named after Kon-Tiki, an Incan sun god.

Heyerdahl had embarked on his derring-do expeditionto prove that it would have been technically possible forthe pre-Columbian Indians of South America to reach Polynesia with the help of the Humboldt Current andthe Passat wind. On their wrists the researchers worespecially made, extremely tough and reliable watchesfrom Eterna’s workshops. The crew put their trust inthese indispensable navigation aids whenever theyhad to carry out manoeuvres or make decisionsupon which depended not only the success of theirmission but also the survival of the men themselves. After 101 days and nights on the high seas, with almost 8000 kilometres behind them, Thor Heyerdahl and hiscrew finally reached the Raroia atoll in Polynesia.

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“Borders? I have never seen one. But I have heard they exist in the minds of some people.” 
Thor Heyerdahl

Their watches likewise survived the journey and shownno sign of damage from salt water, the humidity orthe fluctuating temperatures. The technical findings andexpertise taken from the creation of the timepieces forthis successful expedition subsequently flowed into thefurther development of Eterna’s sports watches.

Technical specifications

Model: KonTiki Bronze Manufacture Edition 44 MM

Ref  1291.78.49.1422

Calibre Maison Eterna 3902A,
Power reserve 65h,
28’800 v.p.h, 30 jewels, 1 ball bearing
All brushed bronze, rotating black ceramic bezel,
case back secured with screw down, case back in SST,
sapphire crystal opening
Scratch-resistant, anti-reflective sapphire crystal
∅ 44.0 mm / 14.05mm
Black, matte
Hour, minute, second
Waterproof brown leather strap, bronze pin buckle

Limited edition of 300 pieces

CHF 2 590 / € 2 690 / $ 2 650/ GBP 2 300

Eterna SA
Schützengasse 46 
• CH-2540 Grenchen
• Tel. +41 (0)32 654 72 52
---------------------------------- - Eterna SA

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