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Manufacture Royale – Androgyne Royale Tourbillon

Manufacture RoyaleAndrogyne Royale Tourbillon NEW


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Voltaire founded Manufacture Royale over 245 years ago in 1770. Today, we ask ourselves, what watch would he make and wear in this postmodern century? Surely such a cultured philosopher, writer and entrepreneur who, among many other things, taught the world to “Dare to think for yourself,” would choose something audacious and innovative that cannot be found everywhere.  The answer? The Androgyne Royale.

Androgyne Royale is the latest in-house creation in the Androgyne collection from Manufacture Royale, made in the bold spirit of Voltaire. Of course, the progressive founder would be astounded at the fact that we are still, in 2016, wearing mechanical, analogue watches.  However, in the era of connectedness, choosing to wear a personal timepiece on the wrist is a sign of freedom that shows an understanding of contemporary mechanical art.

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Just like our other Androgyne models, Androgyne Royale features an eye-catching, unmistakably steampunk-inspired 52-part case with flexible lugs to ensure extreme wearability. This ingenious construction gives a linear frame to the circular watch dial where 12 bezel screws mark the hours.  To ensure that the Androgyne Royale stood out from the rest of the collection, all unnecessary material was removed, resulting in a complete skeletonization of the hand-wound movement that proudly shows off the softly curved bridges. But that was not enough. As with our first completely skeletonized Androgyne, the flying tourbillon with silicon escape wheel and ceramic ball bearing makes an encore appearance. This time, it is framed in a Royale Blue or Royale Grey movement, with contrasting skeleton hands, on par with our mission: blending creativity and traditional values while integrating the latest industrial advancements of modern watchmaking.

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The 167-part Androgyne Royale skeletonized movement displays the precise action of the flat balance spring oscillating 21,600 times per hour. With no dial obscuring the view, it is possible to truly enjoy all the finishing executed according to strict haute horlogerie tradition. The MR06 movement’s brass parts have gone through flank drawing before being chamfered by our master craftsmen. Last but not least, the parts have undergone a PVD treatment, resulting in their intense color.

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To further accentuate the timepiece’s contemporary composition, it is available in two variations.  The Androgyne Royale Steel features the Royale Blue movement with contrasting stainless steel skeletonized hands, encased in a polished stainless steel case, complete with a blue alligator strap. The Androgyne Royale Glacier variation pops with red hand-painted skeletonized hands atop the Royale Grey movement, encased in a Glacier PVD coated stainless steel case, complete with a grey alligator strap with red stitching.

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Price: MSRP in USD

Androgyne Royale Steel: $61,600.00
Androgyne Royale Glacier: $61,600.00


Model: Androgyne Royale

References: AN43.01P01.H Stainless steel
References: AN43.02P02.D Glacier PVD coated stainless steel

Mechanical hand-wound
Calibre: MR06
Diameter: 30.9mm
Power reserve: 108 hours
Frequency: 3Hz, 21,600 vibrations per hour
Plate and bridges: 
Plate: Entirely hand‐decorated
Black ruthenium treated brass with sanded finishing
Hand-finished polished chamfers
Bridges: Royale Blue or Royale Grey PVD treated brass with sanded finishing
Hand‐finished polished chamfers
Flying Tourbillon:
     Silicon escape wheel and pallet fork
     Ceramic ball bearing
     One rotation/minute
Hours, Minutes
Balance spring: Flat
Balance: Screwed
  • Ref: AN43.01P01.H  - Stainless steel
  • Ref: AN43.02P02.D - Glacier PVD coated stainless steel
Dimensions:  43 mm diameter / 10.20 mm high
Number of parts: 52
Crown: MR logo, sanded, hand‐polished
Material: Alligator, hand-rolled edges
Buckle: Pin, hand-polished

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 Pia de Chefdebien, PR & Marketing Manager
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Manufacture Royale

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